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Living in Soweto is a great at the moment because there are so much granny us around. We run granny dating all over the world and in the last few months the number of grannies that have signed up from Soweto has gone through the roof. We are noticed that more couples are being matched up not than ever before.

How I started fucking grannies in Soweto

“I got a promotion at work , now where I work, when you get a promotion, one of the things you get is a secretary to go through all your emails for you. Mine just happened to be a fifty-seven-year-old woman called Martha, I found her quite sexy actually, and there was something about her that made me feel attracted to her. She would come in with these little dressed on and for a woman of her age she had the most incredible body. She had these big tits, a little waistline and nice legs. I found myself complimenting her saying that she looked nice. She would say, oh stop it you don’t really mean it, and I would say yes I do. One day I just got the courage up to ask her for a drink in Soweto. She couldn’t believe that I had asked her, I said “I told you I thought you were attractive but you never believed me”. She agreed so we went out for a meal, we were flirting all night, she told me that even though she had a husband, she had cheated on him a lot. In fact she told me that was the reason she kept herself in such good shape. It was not because of her husband but because she enjoyed having granny sex with people outside her relationship. That night we ended up having an incredible fuck in a local hotel. She was incredible in the bedroom and did everything she could to get me off. She even let me do anal. I have never met a woman who asked if I wanted to do anal. Most of the time it is me trying to convince them.

More grannies looking for sex.

From that point on it was all about getting more grannies into bed. I realised that The way forward for me now was to start shagging as many grannies as I could, I wanted to have sex with my secretary as much as I could, but there were times that she simply didn’t want to. She said she had one rule, she would not have sex with other men more than she has sex with her husband and her husband was only ever up for it once a week.

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